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Petrochemical Equipment Industry to Seize the Opportunity to keep up competition in the trend of large-scale equipment
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Research and Development Center of the State Council researcher Xu Donghua that the equipment manufacturing industry especially to the petrochemical equipment industry is heavily built industrial countries. He said the equipment manufacturing industry is true of a country's economic development body mass growth, can solve a lot of the labor force. Expected to include petrochemical equipment, including equipment manufacturing industry will face a financial crisis re-shuffling process.

Li Yongwu recommendations should be achieved from the five aspects of petrochemical equipment industry "by the big and strong" change. First, seize the marine engineering equipment, intelligent manufacturing equipment and other high-end equipment manufacturing industry focus. "1025" period, China's offshore oil and gas field development project construction investment is expected to reach 250 billion yuan -3000 billion petrochemical equipment industry to seize this rare historical opportunity. Second, focus on key construction projects, to million-ton oil refining, ethylene megaton, large chemical fertilizer, large coal chemical equipment, focusing on promoting major petrochemical equipment and autonomy. The third is to develop pipeline and liquefied natural gas storage and transportation equipment. Fourth, focus on energy conservation, to develop energy saving technologies and equipment. Fifth, to further improve the technical innovation system, improve the industry's independent innovation capability at the national offshore oil and gas equipment, such as clean coal conversion equipment to speed up scientific research platform.

Followed the trend of industrial restructuring

According to reports, the "Eleventh Five-Year" period, the domestic petrochemical equipment localization rate has greatly improved. Localization of Sinopec Group, the former director of the Office Wangting Jun said that after five years of research, millions of tons of ethylene and one million tons PTA and other petrochemical major equipment to achieve a major breakthrough, some in the past has been dependent on foreign imports of major equipment start based on the domestic and large petrochemical projects in the application. "In accordance with investment calculations, the localization rate of the current petrochemical equipment, 10 million tons / year oil refining equipment has more than 90%, 100 tons / year ethylene equipment localization rate has reached more than 75%." Wangting Jun said.

However, Wang Tingjun also said that at present there are some petrochemical equipment in large-scale, high-end equipment, failed to achieve localization. This part of the high-tech equipment, manufacturing difficulties, only a few industrialized countries in the world can produce, such as large-scale reactors, high pressure compressor, ultra-low temperature chemical process pumps, high-precision metering pumps, diaphragm pumps and other large-scale.

China Chemical Mechanical Power Technology Association Sunteng Liang said in 2015 China's ethylene production capacity to plan 2200-2300 tons, "five-second" new ethylene plant during the 700-800 tons of focus is to continue to improve the million-ton ethylene plant equipment quality and operational stability, localization rate from the current 80% to 90%.

Sun Tengliang said that at present, the world's oil and chemical equipment manufacturing industry there is a new trend. Domestic petrochemical equipment industry should seize on these trends to adjust.

First, oil and chemical industry increasingly large-scale equipment. Pursuit of low investment, low cost, low consumption, improve the competitiveness of the project, oil and petrochemical process technology continues to introduce new, the increasing scale of production facilities, thereby promoting the development of petroleum and chemical industry increasingly large-scale equipment.

Second, the petroleum and chemical equipment development and process technology R & D, design closely. Petroleum and chemical production processes and more together with the reaction to form the core technology, ancillary equipment, reactors are almost always proprietary, so the advances in technology are inseparable from each ancillary equipment for oil and chemical industry as a guarantee. Petroleum and chemical processes in the rapid development of technology today, in order to constantly adapt to the petroleum and chemical process technology and equipment for oil and chemical requirements of the new petroleum and chemical equipment, research and technology development, design integration closer together to form a proprietary technology and patents technology has become a common practice in foreign patent and business trends.

Third, petroleum and chemical equipment, electromechanical integration level is increasing. Future oil and chemical equipment will be set high performance, high raw material utilization, low power consumption, comfortable environment and recyclability in one intelligent system. The system allows production facilities to a certain extent, with the judge, reasoning, logical thinking and independent decision-making ability, can acquire, process and identify a variety of signals, independent of traditional equipment can not be completed to complete the function of industrial production flexibility and automation.

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