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Describe the development of petrochemical equipment technology roadmap of high-end equipment storage gap
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Maximum operating depth of 3,000 meters drilling depth of 12,000 meters, the platform more than 30,000 tons dead weight, from the bottom to the top of rig height of 136 meters, the equivalent of 45 storeys.

This is officially named on May 23, by the China National Offshore Oil Corporation and China Shipbuilding Group, together to create, the world's most advanced 3,000 meters of water semi-submersible drilling platform "Offshore Oil 981." This is the first bad sea conditions in accordance with the design of the South China Sea drilling platform, can withstand 200 years of the typhoon, the choice of DPS-3 dynamic positioning system, 1,500 m water depth within the anchor position.

"Offshore Oil 981" and build fill China's large deep-water drilling equipment in the blank, while 40% of local production for hundreds of domestic enterprises to enter the ranks of world-class. In fact, this is the "Eleventh Five-Year" has been the rapid development of China's petroleum equipment a microcosm.

China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation of Li Yongwu May 28 at the China Petroleum and Chemical Equipment Industry Development Forum, said, "1025" period, to seize the high-end equipment manufacturers to develop a favorable opportunity to speed up to promote industrial restructuring, strengthening R & D and industrialization of major technical equipment, and strive to improve the industry's core competitiveness and risk-resisting ability, to promote petrochemical equipment industry from large to strong changes.

Equipment localization rate of increase

According to China Petroleum & Chemical Group, the former director of the Office Wangting Jun localization introduced after five years of research efforts, one million tons of ethylene and one million tons PTA and other petrochemical major equipment to achieve a major breakthrough, some in the past has been dependent on foreign imports of major equipment start based on the domestic and eye-catching on in large petrochemical application.

Data showed that the "Eleventh Five-Year" period, petrochemical equipment and technological development has been a major breakthrough, the major equipment is a large petrochemical industrial production in the test. Calculated in accordance with investment, China's current 10 million tons / year refinery equipment localization rate has reached 90%, 100 tons / year ethylene equipment localization rate has reached 75%. Such as Tianjin, oil refining and ethylene project, including 10 million tons / year refinery and one million tons ethylene project. The project has nearly 4,000 large-scale equipment, including: oil refining equipment, 1824 pieces (sets), made 1764 pieces (sets), 96.7% by volume, calculated according to costs of purchasing equipment reached 91.5%; ethylene device 1775 (sets) , made 1563 pieces (sets), calculated according to the number reached 88.1%, calculated in accordance with costs of purchasing equipment to reach 78%.

At present, China's petroleum and chemical equipment manufacturing industry output of about 5,000 billion yuan. Among them, the general equipment of about 200 billion yuan, about special equipment for oil and chemical industry 180 billion yuan, transport equipment, oil drilling about 1,100 billion yuan, automation control equipment of about 300 billion yuan. According to incomplete statistics, in 2009 the major oil and chemical products import and export of manufacturing equipment totaled $ 22.72 billion, of which imports $ 6.467 billion, exports of $ 16.303 billion, a net export surplus of $ 9.836 billion. China's petroleum and chemical equipment manufacturing enterprises more than about 7700, in which pressure vessels, pressure piping nearly 5,000 manufacturers, ASME evidence of about 580 companies, API evidence of more than 1,300 companies are ranked in the world.

The gap between high-end storage device technology

Wang Tingjun that the future development trend of petrochemical equipment, mainly in the following areas:

The first large-scale petrochemical and high-end equipment. As the larger scale of production, lower production costs, then gradually increase the size of petrochemical production, equipment tends to be large scale. Large-scale equipment is not a simple amplification devices, but in the design, manufacturing technology, there are many new breakthroughs. To meet the new production process, high temperature, high pressure, low temperature, corrosion and other extreme conditions of increased demand for high-end equipment.

Second, the accelerated pace of technological innovation petrochemical equipment. According to the development of petrochemical production technology requires constant development of new equipment, especially petrochemical response equipment design to be closely integrated with petrochemical production processes, on the basis of a large number of experimental design. Therefore, changes in petrochemical technology, response equipment, new changes inevitable.

Third, energy-saving equipment, environmental protection requirements are high. Petrochemical industry is a high-energy, high-polluting industries, energy saving and heavy task, requiring the device must do to reduce energy consumption, to avoid contamination.

Fourth, improve device quality and reliability, achieve security, stability, long cycle, full load operation, to reduce operating costs should be the direction of future efforts.

Wangting Jun said, "At present, there are some petrochemical equipment in large-scale, high-end equipment such as high temperature, high pressure, low temperature, corrosive conditions, no major equipment development, or technical level there is a gap between this part of the equipment technical requirements, manufacturing difficulties the world can produce only a few industrial countries, such as a large reactor, high pressure compressor, ultra-low temperature chemical process pumps, high-precision metering pumps, large diaphragm pumps, pump and magnetic shielding pump, large-scale extrusion granulator unit, large computer centralized distributed control system (DCS) and so on. "

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