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Depth interpretation of Machinery Industry "five" key areas of automation technology by a wide range of applications
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Machinery Industry "five" plan released, it was generally considered, and other "planning" than the mechanical industry, "five" programs are well targeted and realistic; informative, focused on industry and enterprise development are has a strong significance.

Among them, the "plan" to define the "1025" period of industrial development should be the main mechanical five focus areas.

First, to develop high-end equipment. Including advanced high-power equipment, a large petrochemical facilities, large-scale metallurgical and mining equipment, modern agricultural equipment, high efficiency and low emission internal combustion engine, digital, intelligent instrumentation and automatic control systems.

Second, new industries and equipment. Including new energy vehicles, nuclear power, wind power, solar power and other new energy power generation equipment, intelligent network devices, high-end CNC machine tools and precision machining equipment, smart printing equipment, marine engineering equipment, industrial robots and robot-specific, large-scale intelligent construction machinery, energy saving equipment.

Third, people's livelihood and mechanical equipment. Emergency relief, including safety equipment, medical equipment, modern production and distribution of consumer goods "complete solution", the modern office equipment and other text.

Fourth, the key foundation products. Including large-scale and precision castings and forgings, key components such as drive-based high-end components, high-end tools, such as processing aids, special high-quality special materials.

Fifth, the basic process and technology. Including casting, forging, heat treatment, surface treatment and other basic techniques and advanced technology, control technology and other infrastructure technologies.

For the "1025" period machinery industry development situation and tasks facing, "plan" put forward eight countermeasures. First, to enhance the capability of independent innovation, improve the support system; second is to promote industrial restructuring and upgrading, the development of modern manufacturing services; third is to stop abuse of market dominance behavior, standardize the market competition order; fourth is to support SME development, construction of public service platform ; five is to guide the rational distribution of industry, promote balanced regional development; six is ​​to implement energy saving policies to promote the development of related equipment; 7 is to strengthen the talent team construction, reinforce the foundation of sustainable development; eight is the perfect co-ordination mechanism to improve the mechanical industry management.

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