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Benefit from the New Deal to accelerate the development of chemical technology and equipment industry
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Powerful countries need strong industrial support, known as "industrial machine tools," said the equipment manufacturing industry in the recently released "National Economic and Social Development Twelfth Five-Year Plan" is an important appointment, as a branch of the a chemical technology equipment manufacturing also ushered in a new development opportunity. "Five-second" period, the equipment manufacturing strategy is "to adjust transformation, innovation and upgrade", the goal is "to promote equipment manufacturing sector to grow strong," then how should chemical technology and equipment to grow stronger? China Chemical Equipment largest exhibition - China (Guangzhou) International Chemical Technology and Equipment Exhibition will be the hot industry experts to interpret.

It is reported that this year September 1 to 3, China (Guangzhou) International Chemical Technology and Equipment Exhibition in Guangzhou Chinese Export Commodities Fair Pazhou Complex. By then, the year's "China (Guangzhou) Chemical technology and equipment Industry Development Forum" will invite 500 chemical industry associations, authorities and experts to the meeting, as many exhibitors and professional audience analysis of industry opportunities and challenges, read " five-second "industrial development priorities and strategies. Through the interpretation of policy and industry analysis, technology and equipment for chemical industry enterprises to better grasp the dynamic, and seize market opportunities.

Gradually stronger high-end chemical equipment

By the Ministry of Information Industry and other departments to draft the "" five "high-end equipment manufacturing industry development plan" predicts that by 2015, high-end equipment manufacturing sales value will be 6 trillion, and strive to By 2020, sales of high-end equipment manufacturing equipment manufacturing sales value of output accounted for 30% of the domestic market to meet the rate of more than 25%. As an important high-end equipment manufacturing chemical component of the high-end equipment manufacturing, which accounted for at least one-fifth. In addition, China's future demand for the equipment manufacturing industry has been hot from the past "export + urban" to "re-urbanization + chemical" in the field. Upstream as a pillar industry and heavy chemical industry, chemical technology equipment, high-end manufacturing has become the focus of all walks of life. The industry believes that the high-end chemical equipment will become the country's economic development, "value stocks."

Chemical Equipment brilliant in all fields

Petroleum and petrochemical equipment: high oil prices stimulating the petrochemical equipment. In anticipation of rising oil prices, oil upstream exploration and production capital expenditure growth, the number of drilling and drilling footage is also rapidly increasing number of oil drilling equipment to form a driving effect. In addition, China is in the oil and gas pipeline construction period of rapid growth, a number of oil and gas pipelines are in full swing stepped up. Million-ton refinery and ethylene plant and a number of megaton of large-scale petrochemical projects have started or put into production, but also for petroleum and petrochemical equipment manufacturing industry has brought a lot of market demand.

Chemical environmental protection equipment: the Ministry's development of energy saving measures in four low-carbon industry (1) improve the technical equipment and product standards (2) Select the number of mature technology, emission reduction potential of energy saving (3) low-carbon technologies (4) implementation of a number of technology industry demonstration projects. These measures of environmental protection equipment manufacturers of chemical impact would be far-reaching. Industry estimates, the energy-saving environmental protection industry is a strategic new industries and new economic growth point in China's development prospects. 2012 China's energy-saving environmental protection industry output will reach 2.8 trillion yuan, of which chemical environmental protection equipment manufacturing will account for the heavy head.

Chemical Common equipment: chemical equipment in the "fighter", accounting for about 40% of chemical equipment output value is about (according to the China Chemical Equipment Association data, the "Eleventh Five-Year" in China's chemical equipment, annual output of 50 billion, of which 200 billion general-purpose equipment) .

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